The Year of New Possibilities: 2017


Do not let the results of 2016 shade your view of 2017. Some have pointed to the Numerology to state that it is a Year of New Beginnings. You don’t have to be into Numerology to take that statement seriously. The New Year is always a New Beginning, but let this New Year be an EPIC New Beginning.

In 2016, a lot of people’s faith in the Political System came crashing to an end. Yet, what are we going to do now so that we can build a government we have faith in again? It has already begun to happen, with people protesting in the streets. Such an energy and passion for change. It is a raw energy onto which the new can be built.

Let 2017 be the Year the People remembered their power. Let it be the Year that instead of fighting in politics we learn to stand together to build the future. Politically, 2017 might have a few surprises. It might be time to back away from the sources of News and start noticing the News of those around you.

All is not lost. You have the ability to Build a New Life regardless of the mentality or views of those around you. Take this Year and Rejoice in this Opportunity to change how you view yourself. Rejoice in this Opportunity to discover your power to be happy regardless of the political scene.

We did not lose 100 years of progress. We gained the passion to stand up for what we believe in.


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