Deep thoughts on the World of YouTube

Part of me feels very silly behind a camera. I know I should likely prepare some sort of idea of a topic before I start recording but I start recording the same way I start writing. A blank fresh page. Granted, in a recording, you cannot pause to ponder what to say next. So based on my first two videos… Ummm, it might be a while before I see any YouTube success.

I also do not express myself well on camera. My words on camera seem to hold a certain lack of confidence still. I am apt to say, “Umm,” or “and stuff.” Which might be character in writing but overdone it shades the flow. I don’t even sound that way when I talk. Parts of the conversation are similar to how I talk, yet I overthink a bit more about what I am thinking while I am recording.

I had to write for years to get the level of confidence I have writing. While writing, if I change my mind mid-sentience, or did not pick quite the right word, I can delete that part to re-do it. No one will think a sentence choppy if I edit my choice of words, yet if I start a statement on a video or use the wrong word… I am stuck with it. I cannot re-read spoken word to make sure it makes sense. If I want to re-do a point that isn’t clear in a video, the video either becomes choppy, or I need to re-record the whole video.

Really, sounding authentic and smart on a video is a lot harder than it looks. It certainly is a talent. The lengths that YouTubers need to go through to look presentable, look professional, look relatable (computer thinks relatable is a misspelled word?)… sorry the red line under relatable made me lose focus… Oh yes, the world of writing is much more of an even field. While you can make your blog look spiffy, you don’t have to do anything to your face.

YouTube is a bit more like a bar where you are picking up dates. While the world of writing is the realm of the library. A great many books there exist having lost their cover long ago. The book grabs you with the title and then you read the first line.

Yet, with all this, am I going to stop making YouTube Videos? Considering my first year of Blogging I got maybe 8 views… I have been online I think for over four years and still trudging through the snow on the way to my dream mansion… I’d say it is far too soon to give up yet. I haven’t even set up a nice recording location in my room yet.

It might take a while before I get to the background set up nicely stage. Wow, the Holidays are getting closer and closer!

(Sorry, I am on a computer without my Grammar editor. If you notice big differences in my Grammar, you can use it to tell if I have a Grammar editor.)


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