A Fine Winter Snow A’coming

One of the downsides of not having a car is having to walk in the Winter weather. I put on big winter boots sometimes when it is extremely cold. I am in a debate as to whether it is time to fish them out from where ever I stored them last Spring. It, after all, is still over a week ’till the official first day of winter.

Now each Winter has its own personality. The bitterly cold winter where it hardly snows. The trapped indoors Winter where you can not get out of the house due to snow. There are also the mild Winters that hang in a constant dance between snow and rain with the result of dangerous ice on the roads.

This winter is the slow to start Winter. Every time that it started to look like Winter the weather warmed up the next week or day to bring back the feeling of a warm Fall. I am wondering if this will be a Winter broken up by many Spring Days.

Today I bundled up and took the bus into the downtown. Soon afterwards I was shopping for groceries. Followed by the tiring task of trudging the goods from the bus stop to the apartment. I then settled in to warm up, going out only to take out the trash and bring in the mail.

I will be needing a shower tonight, as I will be walking into work tomorrow as they bus only runs hourly most of Saturday.

This is one of those times when I look at all my small talk and wonder if the entertainment value of reading it is as much fun as writing it was. Now there are plenty of highly skilled writers who could turn small talk into poetry or words so beautifully written that they should be considered poetry.

I experience regret that my connection with my wiser self seems even further away. No great knowledge can I impart on you. Just talk of snow and chilly winds. I am sure you have noticed too, that the image is lacking. The empire of my blog seems to be crumbling as I do not write enough, or of great quality anymore.

Even in the quiet hours, when I reach out in an attempt to talk to a Spirit Guide or something Spiritual, I cannot connect then either. I am left with the solid base that is Earth and the Spiritual seems ever more distant. I listen to/read others who have beautiful if challenging connections to the other side.

Part of me feels like a child who has been ‘grounded’ after so many people have told me I needed to ‘ground.’ So perhaps I will try to channel again, as I cannot access the flow effortlessly. Yet, I hastate to post channeled material. Too many people give over to much of their power to those who channel information. I now go to privately channel in written form.

OH, I forgot, today was the day I was going to film a youtube video! Now my roommate is here and she is talking on the phone in the location I would have filmed. I completely forgot. I wasn’t sure what I would have said.

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