Altar of Joy Challenge

I was listening to Kryon last night, as he went in depth into Numerology. In short, I was worried about the future and looking for comfort. This year 2016 in Numerology adds up to 9 which is endings. Many things this year have added up to 9’s. Next year adds up to 1 which is New Beginnings.

Anyway, Kryon had a suggestion for the New Year. To build (physically or mentally) and Alter of Joy for January 1st.

If 2017 is really going to be a year of New Beginnings, why not start out the year on a positive note. After the clock hits midnight, if you are able, light a candle for that Alter of Joy whether it be just in your mind or standing before you.

To this Alter, you will add things that make your happy. Pictures of people who make you happy.  Things from you Childhood that you somehow held onto all this time. Perhaps Candies and Holiday Delight are good additions.

You will have a choice, I believe, to start the year of New Beginnings off on a positive note. No matter what happens in the future, we can keep our Alter of Joy inside.

Link to Kryon’s ‘Numerology’ Channeling here.

Lee Carrol was told by Kryon it was important to offer all his channelings in Audio Online for Free. He has his own site where you can listen without ADs. The Youtube Channel’s take audio from this site and insert ads sometimes every 5 minutes. These Channel’s are likely making a profit from Kryon’s Free Audio. This is why I link to Kryon’s web page instead of a Youtube video.


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  1. Actually, the date Kryon said to build the alter is January 31st, which is today. So it is not too late for those who didn’t do it on the 1st to go forward and do it today. Be blessed and prosperous.

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