Where Do We Stand Now in This New Earth?

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It's All Good

Happy in New Earth

I’ve been asked by new readers to give a statement about where we stand in New Earth.  The first thing you must know is that since about the end of  2012, you have been living in the New Earth.  2013 is not counted by those watching from other dimensions, planets, and suns, because it was very chaotic.  They count 2014 as year 1, so 2016 is year 3 of New Earth.

No one has been left behind.  The 3D (three-dimensional) Earth did not split into a 3D Earth and a 5D New Earth, as had been expected by some.  The soul of every Earth person decided that they would “ascend”  to New Earth.  That ascension doesn’t mean to rise in the air and disappear into a higher dimension of Earth, but to increase the energetic vibration of our multidimensional selves:  physical, astral, mental, intuitive and higher…

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