Is it liberating?


In the “Whatever, Arises, Love That Retreat,” there was a man who asked a question about exopolitics. I was unfamiliar with the term exopolitics but could guess based on the context. In short, he was vaguely referring to the secret movements of Government/Cabal.

If you have followed these movements long enough America stops looking like an Eagle flying free, and more like the caged bird. I am referring to the image for this post. The actuality of this image and the symbolism of it are entirely different. This is an image of a Young Bald Eagle who was injured and unable to fly. This Eagle is just starting to get its white head, as the babies have brown feathers only (it is not muddy). It was taken at a place that rescues birds of prey and vultures.

I cannot go too far into the details Matt Kahn gave the man. Yet, he later asked, “What was the point of being an expert in things that scare you?” He compared exopolitics to the workings of the 4D realm. Stating that it was like lining one’s pockets with things you will only have to let go of later to continue growth.

So where do I stand? Someone who is not afraid of the Cabal, but sees this information as a sign for my logical brain to understand that this Ascension/Transformation is real. Its like I am half way in 5D… with only one side of my brain. I return to the 4D to try to convince the other half of me to follow.

This side of me isn’t swayed by the Feeling, so much as the evidence. Yet, I get this sense that this side of myself isn’t going to be pulled into 5D by Disclosure or the formation of a new financial system. The ‘Soon’ we have been waiting for is not a worldwide event that changes the game.

The ‘Soon’ happens when enough people convince their Logical side, to believe in something beyond the 3D workings of the world. The more stubbornly based in logic a person’s worldview is, the harder it will be to free of 3D.

So Matt Kahn is correct in stating that the world where we talk about exopolitics, secret societies, the cabal etc, is the space between 3D and 5D. As he calls it, a hallway. He does not quite realize that many people who hang out in the Hallway are doing so because they were unable to bring their logical side out of 3D.

The 4D world of exopolitics (which I use the term to refer to something broader than its definition) is designed to entertain the Logical side of the mind so that it listens. It is the Love note the 5D person writes to the 3D self.

A lot of us are there in the 5D, but unable to understand the 5D in a logical way. The logic is there, but it is beyond our 3D understanding.

You see in order to understand the Logic of the 5D (which in turn might be the gateway to 6D… or some higher floor) one has to go from living solely based on the feeling half of the Self, and convince the logic half that it is no longer in 3D. Because in order to reach 5D we had to let go of the Logic that was taught to us.

So it is a perfectly natural step, which Matt Kahn was encouraging the man to take. For to go from 3D to 5D we pass through the scary hallway of 4D. Our Logical side is still unable to understand anything beyond 3D, so many of us end up dropping Logic. This is often a wise choice that gets people out of suffering.

So without Logic, you proceed based on Feeling using mainly half of the brain. However, sooner or later, at some dimension, you will be unable to proceed without Logic. So you go back to the 4D and convince the 3D Logical self to come to the 4D with interesting information. (The Logical brain loves knowledge and information.)

The story in the 4D is the best understanding of transformation that the 3D Logic can comprehend at this point. Ultimately the Logical side will learn things to move beyond this story and realize there is a benevolent force that only allows such things to exist in order to promote the movement from one dimension to another.

It is a little like the Eagle in the Image, where one might think it a caged bird, but if you know the real story, you see the bird is in Healing.

You were and always have been in a system that is optimized for your benefit. Yet, that ‘Soon’ of Disclosure or ‘Soon’ of RV is designed to always be ‘Soon.’ It is designed to hold you in 4D hope until you are ready to make the Jump to 5D either for the first time or in return as a fuller version of yourself.

‘Soon’ will happen exactly when you are ready. The best way to tell if you are a higher dimensional being returning to pull more of yourself into the higher dimensions, or if you are someone making their first jump, is how much Fear is felt. People returning from the Higher Dimensions feel much less Fear.

There is also, rarely, a person who has been in the 4D a long time because they are trying to pull their Logical self along with them to enter 5D for the first time, already complete. While not impossible, this can be a difficult task. If you feel fear based on the workings of Secret Societies, it might be best to place Logic to the side and enter 5D.

I might seem slightly egotistical to be suggesting that I have already made it to 5D and am just trying to pull my 3D Logical self up with me. However, this is just a natural process. Many of us will Ascend to 5D several times only to return to 3D to do it again. Each time we pull a little more of ourselves on the journey.

Even in my life, at first, I did feel Fear when transitioning to 5D. I didn’t know of exopolitics at the time but had other things to Fear.

This is a very Long Winded way of saying, “I heard you, Matt Kahn, this is the right advice for many, but not all. I am going to be continuing to follow Exo(politics.)”


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