Doing what we can to create the Golden Age

First and foremost the video that inspired this post.

In this video, among other things, Matt Kahn calls for us to start anchoring the Golden Age  (which has been written about as starting during this time period) with actions to solve the disputation problem.

So I wondered, “What can I do?” The first thing that came to mind was making a donation to Kiva. I have been a member of Kiva for a long time, since 2009. I find it funny that while people were discussing the end of the world at 2012, I paid it so much attention that just days before 12/21/2012 I was donating two loans on Kiva.

That was a period of abundance for me. My donations have decreased greatly as my resources decreased. It is funny to think of that time of abundance, and how little I realized I was in abundance.

I wrote about utilities being less this month, leading to a relief from the tight budget at the end of a month. However, I decided to invest in vitamins. So that quickly disappeared. Even with the investment, I had things lined up to provide me with enough…

Well, I was re-watching this video, and I was drawn back to Kiva. I knew I could make it to the end of the month if I invested in two loans… I was originally going to do just one, but two countries I had never loaned to had loans available. My goal is to loan to every country you can loan to. Anyway, as I was looking at the pictures of people needing a loan… I decided I could make it till the end of the month on $20 (beyond what is set aside for rent.)

What I am trying to say, is that it isn’t always easy for me to make a Kiva loan, but if I didn’t invest in a better world… I have trouble not spending money anyway. I find it funny that when thinking about the things I could do with $700-$800 more a month (if I get the job I just applied for) I did not think about the extra donations I could make.

I thought about the iPad Pro I wanted or the iPhone that I might want instead.

Before I get sidetracked again, I need to introduce the Kiva Group I created. It is for those inspired to lend $25 to someone in need by the Matt Kahn video.

I realize that they say not to talk about the donations you make, and to make them anonymously. So I could be seen as egoistical to talk about donating on Kiva. I am proud of it. They say if you brag you get your reward on Earth and not Heaven. However, I feel I will have enough reward in Heaven by being in Heaven.

I can tell you that it is very rare for a loan to end in a loss. If you look at the length of the loan chances are you will have the $25 back at the end. Than you can decide to loan again or take back the money.

I have posted about Kiva on Facebook. I have given out Gift Certificates to Nieces and Nephews (which they might have thought a lame gift because they never used it.) I have never managed to invite a single person to Kiva.

So riding on the power of Matt Kahn’s words, I am creating Matt Kahn’s Angels. One day, I plan on showing him (if I get the chance) how much was donated in his name. The impact will be greater if I am not the only member. I have posted on Youtube, and Matt Kahn’s Facebook page.

Now I am posting here… knowing full well that we do not always feel abundant enough to share as Bloggers. If you ever have $25 and a desire to help the world with it, I invite you to remember this link.

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