I Recognize the Divine In All

I was listening to music, this video is a perfect way to uncover emotions deep within. The singing has such Emotion, and because I do not understand Korean, he could be singing about anything.

Listening to it I realized how deeply hurt I was by the Negative Forces. I was thinking about what the Cabal did to Wilhelm Reich, and how they continue to spread rumors about his name when he was just a passionate Scientist like Nikola Tesla. The Cabal did their best to destroy both Men.

The fear of Free Energy with the propaganda spread that it is being suppressed because it is dangerous, while our energy current methods are destroying the Earth. We are a creative species, we are intelligent, we can think of ways of providing Free Energy in such a way that it is not Dangerous. Free Energy is why they took down Tesla, but Reich was in another area of Science.

Rumor was that the Cabal took Reich down for curing Cancer unless you can watch the Wisdom Teachings episodes on Reich you will find a lot of disinformation about Reich still being created. I think Reich might have been taken down with his years of research burned for ‘security’ reasons much like Tesla.

The idea I cannot seem to forget even when I hear about the Cabal is that all is Divine. These are suffering people captured by Fear to the point that they do not let creativity shine. I know that are the basis of all Creation is a Pure, Loving, Source.

I know this as I feel the emotion from this song. I have been listening to this Song again as I write. Let the emotion of the words you likely don’t understand flow into your heart so that you feel the emotion in your heart. Ask your heart, “Does this feeling flow through us all, this deep passion of Love.”

Psychopaths are a mystery that I cannot seem to understand. The idea that a mind exists that is not driven by the same Passion. As far as I can see, I have never run into one. All the eyes I look into seem to be connected to the Force of Love deep down.

I do not have to understand, I just know all is Divine.


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