Summer: Down time


Just a pinch of caffeine to get me out of sleepy mode and into writing. This is one of these many times when I have no idea what I am going to be writing.

Sigh. A number of topics to write about have come and went. Briefly, I began to type them, only to get one paragraph in and decide this isn’t the right topic for now. Everything from blabbing on about my possible plans for the day, to talk to the alternative news sources which meet my list of approval. The pinch of caffeine from tea has long enough now worn out. I am yawning and dreaming of sleep.

My energy level does not match with writing at the moment. Yet, onward I will type, and you will get to see what kind of post I write when my energy happens to be low… just another pinch of caffeine might help.

It is one of those mornings where, it being summer, I have not had the honor of helping that many people. I’d say its been 45 minutes since my last patron. As such, I need to be doing something to keep me alert, and that happens to be writing. Summers can be slow at certain jobs.

When you live in a city, where a great deal of the population goes home to their parents over the Summer… the entire atmosphere changes once the students leave. The level of noise decreases.

I still remember that time I spent in New York City, and coming to this city during the Summer, it was so quiet. I had adjusted to the constant noise in NYC, and suddenly all I heard was birds and a few passing cars.

A few more sips of Green Tea has raised my energy a bit. I should just jug the whole thing… it has half the caffeine of hot brew Green Tea, as it is cold brew. I have been waiting for a package of various Indian Chai to arrive from India. You cannot get more authentic Indian Chai then if you get it shipped from India. The shipping was free, but I had to spend at least $30. So I got three kinds of Chai, and Rose Green Tea. Waiting. Waiting. Do you think it will arrive soon?

As for another package, I planned on shipping a while ago… now my Pendulum is telling me to wait. I am unsure why. My nephew requested to see the inside, and pulled out a few crystals, so I had thought it was telling me to wait for that. Yet, the Pendulum still keeps on saying that it is not the right day. Perhaps it will say it is the right day on Monday.

It has only been 10 days since the tea shipped, and it is coming from another country. The estimate on yahoo answers of 4-10 days for India Post to the USA was for letter mail, and not packages. Considering the package will have to go through customs… for an extra price the package would have been shipped in FedEx with a tracking number instead of India Mail. I am used to being able to track a package, so am missing that feature.

As it is, I am worried what will happen if the package is not delivered. I ordered something from Korea once that was never delivered, and then I couldn’t speak the language to explain correctly in an email. So I counted that as a loss.

It has been a good amount of time since the guru has arisen in me… the last time was… 17 days ago with the post Sub-Cultural Fields of Study, You Never Find at Universities. If my lightbulb lights up later today, and I have the energy, I will maybe put together a more co-cohesive post. For now, I am waiting for my UFO RV… which I am told I will get at some point in my life.

According to my Pendulum at some point in my life, I will be living in my UFO RV, and they are not speaking metaphorically. Sadly, it will not be before the end of the month. However, it would appear my sister/roommate is not yet moving to California. Only about a week ago, the Pendulum went from saying that she was moving to saying that she will not be. Then a few days ago, she started emailing the leasing office to renew our lease.

So I guess I will not be moving in Fall, yet there could still  be big changes coming up for me. Summer would be the perfect time to pick up a second job as the students leaving means they also left their part-time jobs.

(There’s 21 advanced grammar error in this post, the grammar police are free to spot them… like iSpy.) I am using Grammarly to improve my grammar but am not paying to access the Advanced Grammar corrections. So I know there are no Basic Grammer errors in this post, but 21 advanced.)

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