Pendulum Diet: Report so far


It has only been a short time on the Pendulum Diet. I report that my Pendulum (and the Weight Watching Angel Behind it) has been making healthy choices. My only unhealthy choices today arose in the Grocery store when I was too shy to pull out a Pendulum. I did not plan on going Grocery shopping and did not prepare a list. Unwilling to pull out the Pendulum with each item, I just picked up what looked healthy.

Organic Strawberries were on Sale, so I got two tubs of those, Organic Kiwi (also on Sale) and Organic Apples (It is rare for me to go to the grocery store and not pick up Apples.) Coconut Water was on Sale, so was Aloe Water so I picked up those. I got a half gallon of milk because I was running low and use milk to make Chai. There was a huge discount on an Organic brand of Chocolate Bar (this was my first unhealthy choice.)

At about this time I compared how much liquid was in my cart to food, so I decided to stop by the Starbucks in the store. (I asked the Pendulum later and it said it would not have told me to go get a Mango Black Iced Tea Lemonade.) Soon afterward I remembered to pick up Blue Cheese. Then I noticed some Chocolate cookies that reminded me of a kind I bought many years ago in France, so I made unhealthy choice number three.

I already had a lot of Spaghetti at home, along with some microwaveable rice and Indian Food. I also had lots of Mac and Cheese. So I would say I spent the most on Fruit and Cheese.

Today for a simple Dinner, I ate lots of Strawberries and a good amount of Cheese. I figured it was like having Grilled Cheese without the Bread, so Cheese could be a dinner… it wasn’t the most filling Dinner, but I decided to wait 5 minutes to see if I was still hungry at that point… then I preceded to forget about food.

Did I mention that I don’t like to cook? I will mention something else, my appetite has been gone lately. I’ve eaten the same kind of food for my Dinners for so long, that the foods I make don’t taste good anymore. The last two times I went to the grocery store, I came home without much in the way of Dinners… and more in the way of snacks/fruit. Yet, my appetite has been such that I have been eating the snacks without a big meal most days.

Tomorrow, I have gotten approval from the Pendulum to have my Dinner be Spaghetti. I have 7 boxes of pasta and 3 pasta sauces in the kitchen cabinets… I cook easy foods.

However, the Pendulum is saying ‘No’ to eating that Chocolate Bar, those Chocolate cookies, or the Ice Cream I picked up a while ago. It says, ‘Yes,’ to eating an Apple to conquer this sugar craving I have.

Did I tell you that the Pendulum tends to be healthy? I am a little unsure why it isn’t rejecting Spaghetti Dinner tomorrow. Because it is rejecting eating the unhealthy sweets tomorrow. Yet this might be because I didn’t have too many Carbs today.

I am now going to proceed to ask the Pendulum if it changed its mind about the Chocolate. As it seems to be very steady in its disapproval of chocolate for today and tomorrow, I might soon have to settle for an apple.

An Apple it is. Yet, it did tell me ‘Yes,’ at some point it will say ‘Yes’ to the chocolate. It isn’t going to sit in my kitchen forever. It says, ‘Yes,’ that this is because my body doesn’t need the nutrients in chocolate at this point, and the Apple is a better fit to the current needs of my body.

I have a bit of a feeling this diet is going to surprise me, and not follow any known formula of dieting. It takes into account the balance of nutrients in my body which I cannot see.

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  1. I have grown to dislike using “unhealthy” to describe particular foods in a manner that makes them seem bad. When I say unhealthy in this context regarding food, I simply mean something isn’t nutritious. It seems to me unhealthy habits are bad as opposed to unhealthy foods. Eating a doughnut with a glass of cola for breakfast every morning would be an bad habit. However, I see nothing wrong with simply enjoying a doughnut or a cola a couple times per week (unless someone has actual medical restrictions such as diabetes). I am not saying that you are suggesting otherwise, this just made me think. Many weight loss messages society gives us suggest that unhealthy foods are poison and that allowing yourself the pleasure of a cupcake will cause you to spiral into an oblivion of morbid obesity. While this may be true for somebody who is addicted to over eating the way that an alcoholic is addicted to booze, this is otherwise a bit dramatic. On a note specifically concerning your dislike of cooking, have you considered incorporating quick oats and eggs? They require some cooking, but no more than spaghetti does. The oats only take 1-3 minutes to cook once the water boils. You can add fruit, honey, cocoa powder, peanut butter, etc to spruce it up. Eggs, especially the yolks, are packed with good stuff.

    • I forgot to pick up eggs. I usually get them at the food coup. So they are both grass fed and local. The shell of a good egg is thicker making it hard to crack when you are used to paper thin eggs. I have a rice cooker that also cooks oats, and makes yogurt. I have Irish oats, that take a long time to cook, but I make it with milk… Maybe I will bring out my slow cooker to make oats overnight. We have lots of oats from when recipes call for them.

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