Making sure Bashar’s Predictions are wrong

bashar_fallThis quote is not exact, so I this is temporary until I can modify it with the exact quote, but expect to see a similar image to this one… soon. I am unsure if I should wait till closer to Fall to start posting pumpkins.

The things Bashar describes as coming, do not seem like a cake walk. So I am intent on changing the future to a more Joy filled one, without humanity having to learn from more suffering first. I looked at the predictions, and I intend to change the predicted changes. Here is a forum post on the predictions in case you want to know why I am saying they are not peaches and cream.

We can do this! We can transform our lives and those around us by ending the cycle of learning only from pain. Bashar rarely makes predictions and is known for predicting 9/11. According to the forum post, he recently predicted economic collapse, a nuclear power plant malfunction (leading to the increased speed of new energy systems being developed), a large-scale terrorist attack, an ecosystem collapses, and large scale sightings of UFO’s.

I read this list, and I thought, “No, No, No. I do not have to accept this. This isn’t good enough.” Sure, he tells that each will lead to large-scale change, but change can happen without the pain. Us humans and non-humans need to get working on changing this.

How can we do this?

There is an unspoken of force which many religions call Prayer, and others Meditation. We all turn to our Spirit Guides, or Angels and tell them, “NO! You do not accept this as your future. They can do a **** of a lot better coming up with plans.” Because why does there have to be a nuclear meltdown to get people to see New Energy is a good thing? I think most of us know that but are powerless to implement it. They need to be empowering the people, not pushing them until they are so uncomfortable they are forced into action.

Everything will change in the Fall of 2016, but every other point Bashar has predicted (except the seeing of U.F.O.’s and the knowledge of life in the galaxy) needs to be prevented. We each have our special power when it comes to changing the future. I send out blessings with meditations on, “I Love You,” and “May you be Blessed.” There are so many various ways in which you could be talented that it is largely up to you to pick you the course of action in changing history’s course.

The percentage of likelihood does not matter because we can make that percentage 0%. We can craft our own future instead.

(There’s 9 advanced grammar error in this post, the grammar police are free to spot them… like iSpy.) I am using Grammarly to improve my grammar but am not paying to access the Advanced Grammar corrections. So I know there are no Basic Grammer errors in this post, but 9 advanced.)

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  1. I had no clue of this (the predictions) so enjoyed reading your post. I like your challenge… we can and the future does… change. And I didn’t Ispy the grammer because I ❤ you 🙂

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