Lost another element of my Blog


A great portion of my Blog has disappeared. I went from 55 drafts (which included the last part that disappeared) to 155 drafts all in one day. Now a great portion of my life has disappeared from this blog. One would think that I didn’t come a long way, and have always been blogging on New Age Topics.

Yet, originally I wasn’t able to think of many posts on the topic of Intuitive Voyage. No one was reading the oldest posts anyway. Before the Blog told a storyline of transformation from a Dark Night waning to someone who was comfortable talking about topics which I once would have thought insanity.

Years ago, if I read this site I would have likely thought it woo woo. Many years ago now. Slowly I dipped my foot, and now I talk about such things easily. The sites I follow now, are unlike what I once would have.

While the struggle between faith and doubt still has a few old posts. The hardships are gone.

It might make no difference, as no one had opened these posts in a long time. Looking through old posts to convert to drafts was an interesting process. There are still a few that might disappear having been reverted to draft.

Categories: Beginnings

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