Day: February 6, 2016

Why No Channeling?

It hasn’t felt right to Channel lately, it felt too much like I was hiding behind the one being channeled. So I have been trying to speak for myself. Even Channeling my Higher Self, would be reaching for a source thought to have more authority then me. I […]

Dreams: I Love You

Last night I fell asleep repeating, “I Love You.” Even in my dreams I was conscious enough to continue the repetition. There was a pause between each “I Love You.” I didn’t realize at first, but I was silent on the inhale, and mentally said “I Love You” […]

Wind on the Water

The wind sweeps over the water, bring waves where once there was still. Ripples and Waves. Motion and turning. The little pond now reflects the energy of the ocean. Its little waves push against the edge. The grass stayed green this whole winter, only shortly was it under […]