The wish for Harmony instead of Division


I think of WordPress as a good website platform. It is highly used, and adaptable. Especially if you pay money for have more options. I find the interface and customization far better then Blogger.

However, Blogger is owned by Google. Google makes sure that across the web it is easy for users of Blogger to simply press, Blog This. Whereas they, being in control of sites like Youtube, make sure that WordPress doesn’t get an easy button to press to share.

I have seen News articles with a sharing button for Blogger, but none for WordPress countless times. It isn’t just Youtube.

(I know WordPress has something called Press This, but it is complicated to use. I never seem to be able get the same results as a re-blog from a WordPress site.)

I find the websites offered by WordPress to be more aesthetically pleasing, and Blogger websites a little boring and limited. I started out as a Blogger user. I’ve also used Movable Type in the past. Yet, I think WordPress is the current best, and should be recognized.

I am writing this because I saw an article from a Blogger user, that I would love to share. Yet, not love enough to go beyond pressing a few simple buttons and typing.

It seems the world of computing is filled with division, and favoritism. The drive for competition overrides the drive for accessibility, and ease of use.

Gamers need to wait months for a game to be coded for Apple computers, and android phone users don’t have as good of apps. The markings of competition instead of corporation are littered all over the computing world. It is the user who suffers.

I wouldn’t state this as my most EPIC post, or even on the topic of the Blog.

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