Update on getting ‘Whatever Arises Love That’ to Junior

11272896_655645501232363_1732107841_nThis is Junior of Got7, the artists I wanted to send Whatever Aries Love That too. I was a little worried if the words would have full impact not being in his Native Language, Korean.

Well as blessings come to pass, Matt Kahn mentioned in his book release event that the first country to purchase rights to the book is South Korea.

So I have only to wait for the book to be translated, and then I can send Junior the book.

You might think me a crazy fan to be sending out a book to an Idol, but my Intuitive sense is that he really needs it. Junior is a deep thinker, and shows signs of hiding great insecurities.

I will not list my reasons, and link to them. You will never know what will get picked up by netizens, so you just have to trust that I have my reasons.

The road of celebrity can be a rough one, and Junior isn’t the only Idol in Got7 who I see could use the book. My Intuitive sense says Jackson needs it for different reasons. Jackson is the kind who wants to be friends with everyone, and makes jokes hoping to get people to like him. I also sense that Jackson would not read the book if I sent it to him, while Junior will if I include a convincing letter.

Junior makes a point to read fan letters.

So you have the update on why I have not yet, written the letter to convince Junior to read ‘Whatever Arises Love That.’

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