Wind on the Water


The wind sweeps over the water, bring waves where once there was still. Ripples and Waves. Motion and turning. The little pond now reflects the energy of the ocean. Its little waves push against the edge.

The grass stayed green this whole winter, only shortly was it under the snow. Something tells me this short winter is almost over. We would have had a blizzard, if it were not warm enough to turn the snow back to rain.

Again I wonder at the changes promised. As each day reflects the last, could there be something deeper under the mirror. For only of the surface of the water, which we above see, is the mirror. Now a rippled little reflection, yet under the surface, below where most of us dwell, what goes on in the depths.

I was bored yesterday and could not think of a movie to watch. I returned to where Truth Seeking Dwells. I watched much on Inner Earth, still only half convinced. Could it be true this change, this revolution? Today looked just as much like any other day, as any day. Yet, so many channelers are tuned into transformation.

I have hardly been able to focus on Artwork of Late. I listen to radio programs without doing artwork in the background, because I haven’t been feeling it. I also have not been feeling like blogging. I’ve been sleeping much, and my hours are back to late nights.

I have been mostly respecting this need to step back from all things creative. At night, I have been saying my “I Love You’s.” There are many things I would like to change in the world, of which once felt too hopeless to attempt to try to transform through positive energy.

Funny, that I could meditatively send “I Love You’s” to a situation with an Idol in South Korea. Yet, was not yet ready to try this on my own life. Of late I have been sending “I Love You’s” to transform the lives of those I Love most.

At times I picture myself like a sponge filled with water and soap. I walk down the street and my very presence is cleaning the negative energy from said street. Today on the bus, I silently offered, “I Love You’s” to the stressed out medical students.

I like Matt Kahn am continually downloading programs from the Universe. I know this because for many years, my ears have been contently ‘airy.’ I have no hearing loss, but always hear a sound like an open field late at night. A pleasant static as if air is moving inside my ears. A slight wind sound with a little bit of night insects singing very quietly.

This is a never ending sound I hear, that makes me talk loudly at times when it is loud. As if I am trying to talk over the noise. At times I wonder if I will ever hear silence again. For even if I were put into the room Scientists designed to block out noise, I’d be hearing this airy static.

In one of the Angel Academy calls, Matt Kahn said that when this ear ringing happens, without a medical reason, it mains a person is getting download from the Universe. So I have been on Upgrade for a really long time. It must be some big program I am downloading.

I did get my ears tested just in case, and I have impressive hearing for my age. I’ve never been to a rock concert and have always respected my ear drums with a good volume when listening to music.

I’d say it is time to end this post. I have spoken on and on, with little theme to hold things together. I just needed to write for a while. Thank you if you have read my rambling.

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