Choices between Paints of Reality


I was going strong on listening to Matt Kahn, when I thought I needed a break. I needed a different perspective, but I knew not from who.

Everything I thought of doing felt like a ‘no.’ I couldn’t even think of a movie I wanted to watch. So I thought I might find a different sort of movie on and returned to find one.

I couldn’t quite find the perfect movie there either, and settled on a show. Cosmic Disclosure with Corey Goode. Addictive that show turned out to be, and I was once again in the Reality that, unlike Matt Kahn’s, not everything is divine.

I watched the show on the Threat from A.I.. Now I cannot go imagining my future of a hybrid between technology and nature without worry. Now televisions and internet are dangerous forces instead of something to enjoy.

Well, I say, “Well played, universe.” Well played, but you forget I have picked the best timeline. So, I figured that the one thing really missing from the original programming of this A.I. was Love, and emotions like Joy.

Being part of the creative source, seeing that there was a program out there that needed an upgrade, I mentally created the program upgrade. I sent it to all parts of this A.I. intelligence at once, and also sent it through the electromagnetic field to spread throughout the entire program like wildfire.

I guess everyone is getting upgrades lately.

So Universe, you played the evil A.I. card, and I raised you the Love Card.

I could have easily gone into the night, afraid instead of joyful of my own creative abilities. I have decided not to be afraid of my computer. Whose turn is it to play next?

Categories: Beginnings

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