Quiet time


I took down my latest post, as it is something that is easy to misunderstand. I got no views on that post, but I have a feeling some started to read it not finishing. I have been quiet a while, absorbing information, thinking.

I am the quiet sort, who thinks a lot. I have mild intuitive abilities that help me in conversations. Without realizing what I am doing, I sometimes immediately start talking about the topic a person needs to hear.

For example at Elevation Burger, I started talking about Thrive Market with the counter person (they were stacking trays and I was throwing away trash), and how I recommended it to my sister because it has a large amount of gluten free foods. I also mentioned that on a certain street there is a Organic food store that has cheaper foods. Apparently their Mother has Lyme and is having trouble staying away from gluten. She is Italian so used to eat lots of pasta. She cannot stand gluten free pasta. I said that perhaps she just hasn’t found the right kind yet.

I didn’t know why I felt suddenly called to talk about Thrive Market with a complete stranger, but perhaps they at least felt encouraged. This is just one example of an experience I’ve been having of randomly feeling called to talk about a certain topic, and ending up being a topic we relate on.

I think I intuitively can pick out the strangers who like to talk. Because I do not often have the experience where I start talking to a rude person. There is one nail place in town wear I get my nails done for interviews (good price), the process is often boring because the vibe of not wanting to talk is so apparent. I have tried talking, but get little response. So here I am, sitting across from someone for a good amount of time in silence.

The overall majority of the people I run into seem to be friendly. Willing to talk to you if you talk to them. Overall Mid-Westerners are known for being friendlier. Yet, I have heard legends of this place called California where random people will start talking to you, instead of you having to be the one who starts talking. I also heard the fruit is tastier, and the avocados better.

Yet, I like my city. The cost of living is higher then most of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and the housing is extra costly. Which is why it is such good news that HGTV has brought a house to remodel in West Ann Arbor.

I was trying to decide if I could afford to win the house when they have it as a sweepstakes. I think it will be an Urban Oasis Sweepstakes in the future. Ann Arbor isn’t the most Urban of cities so it might also be a Smart Home Sweepstakes in the further away future. You see I was trying to discover if I could afford the taxes on the home.

The thing most don’t realize about winning a house, is that the cost of the house counts as Income for your taxes that year. So you have to pay a higher tax. Looking at the Urban Oasis Sweepstakes they seem to also give $50,000 cash (minus taxes on the cash). The cost of the home ends up being around $500,000.  So if I held onto the cash until taxes, I might be able to afford the suddenly high income tax. I, however, would also have property taxes to handle.

Out of my dream of having a house in Ann Arbor, I will enter the sweepstakes knowing that if the universe can get me past the first taxes, I can figure out the next year when it comes.

Long ago, there was talk about creating Laws to help those who win houses be able to keep them with the high income/propriety tax. Perhaps there will be bigger changes then that before the time the house is remodeled and put up as a sweepstakes.

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