The Background I didn’t even notice

fish_goldfish I was working and something felt wrong. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I was thinking cynical thoughts.

I was thinking of giving up on this ascension and New Age. Just throwing in my towel and saying maybe it is all wrong. (BTW the goldfish in this picture looks a little high to me. I was going for sleepy.)

I stared at the picture on the computer background without processing it. I was thinking plants, and green stuff. Then I stopped and looked. All the while that I was thinking in the negative path, I had been staring at a background of destruction.

The plants were growing through cars with their windows blown out. Old and rusted. The buildings were moss covered and run down. Their windows were broken like a blast had destroyed the city shown.

I was surprised and wondered why someone had picked this background. It seemed to be a standard Microsoft background. One thing is for sure, it was time for a change.

Now the Background is set to Japan photographs.

Perhaps someone should tell Microsoft that, no, War and Destruction is not a good Background.

I personally have been posting so much this month that I am running out of images, again. I need to do more artwork.

Perhaps I should be feeling more cheerful today. I should have invested in caffeine. Caffeine makes me more cheerful then any anti-depressant ever did.

Perhaps I should go find some Caffeine. ZZZzzzz WHAT, who, where?

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