Shifting into 5D: What it Looks Like

Thank you, for those discouraged by timelines, remember you can shift them.

Living Life in Between

I have so much to share with you all this morning! However, I am unsure how to format all of the information I received. I feel about ready to explode from what I have Remembered!

I am told to start slow so here it goes.

Shifting into 5D: What it Looks Like

Without going into my specific experiences which would be rather lengthy, I will break it down for you.

I am being allowed to glimpse my progression from 3D to 5D. Though far from complete, it is manifesting in me certain “symptoms” for lack of a better word.

Enforced Amnesia

For lack of a better description, enforced amnesia is a phenomenon I am experiencing and have been experiencing for some time now. It is escalating in intensity and becoming quite confusing to me. I experience it like this:

  • Lost dreams and conversations from dream-time. It is like they are…

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