Sleepy… zzzz

olden_ageIt is been a high energy time. After the Full Moon on Christmas all the planets went direct. I can react in varying ways to high energy days like Solstices and Equinoxes. Often I just K.O. as early as possible on those days.

It was a good Christmas, and I am spending the time with my parents. I have become quite a wimpy traveler with age. It wasn’t a far drive, but just having to sleep in a room other then my normal one, decreases my restfulness at night. This adds to the K.O. effect.

Someday I intend to be good at traveling again. My energy just decreases so easily in unfamiliar environments. If anything keeps me away from my routine I am not able to relax.

For example, I am now writing while laying down in bed, as there is no chair in this room.

I am also getting headaches. Sigh. I am hopeful however, my fingertips are holding onto the hope of a Security Blanket. I wonder what it will be. Will it be the World transformation everyone speaks of? Or is the majority still not ready for a Global Security Blanket?

Time will tell, as Brenda Hoffman has the Security Blanket appearing by or near the end of the year. I feel that the earliest could have been Christmas.  On Dec. 30 the Publishers Clearing House will be giving out a prize. This would be just to hold me over until the World is ready for a Global Security Blanket.

There is plenty of room for surprise Security Blankets, but I have been entering Sweepstakes for so long (though not as often in the past few years) that I wonder if something will come of that. It would be a completion of that effort.

If the Dec. 30th passes without the Temporary Blanket, perhaps it is a sign that I will not be needing the money, as soon everyone will be winning in a different way.

Brenda Hoffman has suggested that we were not thinking big enough with our Security Blankets. I am not sure she realizes how big I can think.

I can think of a world where everyone has enough that money no longer matters. Where free environmentally friendly energy is provided for all. Food printers can use this free energy to print food from nothing, or an simple mass of substance. (That is easy to produce and recycle.) This food would be better tasting then the Finest Dining today, and be free for everyone. Everyone will have a good home, that is either mobile (like a UFO) or stable with a new kind of car on the side. The car would run on water, and drive itself at high speeds. There would be no accidents from the transportation. There would be a replicator that could print out furniture, clothes and all items needed to be happy. All illnesses would be cured. All disabilities enabled. I can easily think even bigger then this… I think my problem isn’t thinking to small, it is that I might be a little inpatient. Historically transformation takes time. I am not seeing this happening by or near the end of the year.

So I need a Security Blanket up until the point that no one needs anything.

I was in an interesting state Eve-Christmas night. I was exhausted, but unable to sleep. I started thinking about the upkeep of a yard, and having to shovel snow. I was so exhausted that I was thinking, maybe I should just stay in an apartment instead of dreaming of a house. For the longest time my dream was to somehow have a house with a garden. Yet, at that moment the thought of a house was too tiring.

Hope you are not effected by the high energy as much as me. I am sleepy typing this post. Needing to take off my glasses to rest my eyes, wondering if I should just go to sleep.

Given my current energy level, this is as good a post as I am going to produce. Thank you for reading. Goodnight.

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