A Early Merry Christmas


I thought I would send you Season’s Greetings before I get so busy on Christmas I forget.

Even through I found the Hollow Earth’s Santa discouraging, because even if I believe in the magic of Santa, I don’t take the story literally. Santa, to me, is a representation of the Giving Spirit of the Universe. The Universe doesn’t have to fly to Children’s Houses to leave gifts. It is more like the Pennies from Heaven concept.

Yet, every story we tell, could not be imagined, if it were on true in some sense. So I cannot completely discredit Hollow Earth for Channeling Santa, and painting the Classic North Pole story as True.

So I will give it to Hollow Earth, perhaps Santa does live in an cloaked opening to Hollow Earth at the North Pole. Perhaps Elves make Wooden Hand Craved, and Painted Toys (even if I never received one). Perhaps he does use a Spaceship and Prime Creator slows down time to deliver Presents.

I was actually secretly hoping that those Aliens I hear of planning on gifting Humanity with new technologies would take on the Role of Santa, and give gifts of Food Printers/Free Energy to people all over the world.

So if my adult conceptions of Santa being just a personification of the generous nature of the Universe is wrong, and there are elves making Toys at the North Pole for all the Children who believe in Santa. I suggest you use that great production power to make Gifts of Food Printers/Free Energy. Train the ‘Elves’ to make something other then Toys for as many years as are needed to provide Food Printers and Free Energy to the World.

“Dear Santa,
My Christmas List is as follows. One food Printer and one free energy maker for every person/family on Earth.


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