watercolor_green_purple_red_blackThere is a certain question as where to draw the line, between what to believe and disbelieve. I have gone down the Rabbit Hole indeed.

I have a habit of believing everything. I tend not to question the motives of others. In my world, why would they want to lie to me?

It is one of the weaknesses of being on the autistic spectrum to be overly trusting, to not spot a lie. I must use Discernment. To decide who to trust and who to mistrust. Often it is one reality of the world clashing against another.

I have been trying to Discern whether I should trust the Hollow Earth Network. They make claims that I wish were true, but are they preying on my imagination.

You see Hollow Earth Network does something beyond just channel. They sell products, headbands and healing rods. This is along with some random substance that you are supposed to drink. This has me questioning the whole operation. When I first recommended them, they had not yet mentioned this substance or their products. Now I am wondering if I should have recommended them.

So it is up to you to use your own Discernment. I just mention Channelers I like. At that point Hollow Earth Network seemed promising. I should have reviewed them more before posting.

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  1. Like you say, it’s up to each person to see whether they like them etc, just because they gave a substance you can buy, doesn’t mean the rest of their stuff isn’t good etc, so don’t stress! I enjoy your recommendations regardless đŸ˜€

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