How to Do a Rain Dance ~ Native American Rain Dance

There is a great deal of drought going on in many places in the world.

However, first we are going to focus on one, California. To narrow down the location more, how about looking at a picture of San Juan Bautista, on a Sunday at 9:30 am PST. This is where/when a weekly rain dance is being held until the drought is over. (News Article on event here)

While you dance hold the picture of the place in you head, and try to connect with the dancers in California. However, don’t just turn clockwise. Mostly clockwise with a little counterclockwise to make sure the rain isn’t too much. (No landslides/flood)

I am not sure if you can Rain Dance for another location, but the worse that can happen, is you draw rain where you live.

This is just my suggestion, otherwise at that time you could add your own personal touch, such as prayer for the effectiveness of the dance, or long distance reiki/healing on the weather.

L'amore e forte come la morte

Native American Rain Dance

The droughts could bring serious problems for the natives since having some rain was essential for their survival and their food crops. The rain dance would usually take place in the driest month of the year, so usually this ritual was performed in mid to late August ever year. The Native American rain dance was performed by both the men and women of the tribe, unlike other tribal rituals where only men were allowed.

The Native Americans wore special costumes when performing the Native American rain dance ceremony, and these costumes were used just for this specific ceremony every year. The men would have long hair waving in the ceremony and the women wore their hair in a special tribal wrap at the sides of their heads. The mask that the Indian men wear is a mask with a turquoise strip that stretches from ear to…

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