A point people miss about the lottery

I do not play the lottery more then three to four times a year. I only fill out one set of numbers, and hardly focus on the numbers. It takes a lot of motivation for me to be willing to stand at customer service and put in my numbers. Yet, those three to four times a year, I put math aside for hope.

I think that is something people overlook when they put down lottery players. For people in the toughest of situations they still have the ability to hope to win the lottery. Where else could they seek to change their lives for only $2. The problem is that some people spend a good amount of money, paying for entry after entry. My philosophy is that if you a meant to win, one entry is enough.

I also try to look for a certain flow to the entry process. Such as forgetting to use coupons until after you have paid (not on purpose), so that you need to go to customer service to get a refund. This is just an example, but I feel that if you are meant to enter, life will led you to the entry. This is why I end up only entering every now and then. I need to feel the flow in some way. For example, I might enter soon because I have just written a post about it.

When I feel the need to enter a sweepstakes, there are many online sites with free entries. Be wary to check the privacy policy, and make sure it is a authentic sweepstakes.

I think people frown upon sweepstakes, and lotteries because so many people waste all their money on them. Yet, isn’t it amazing that these people are able to hold onto hope to the point of gambling addiction. If they just learned to redirect the energy to free sweepstakes, and faith that quantity (despite appearances) does not equal quality.

If you are meant to win, you will, the number of entries will make no difference. Stressing over the numbers will make no difference.

So many people put down those who play the lottery because they have tried and failed. They used up all there hope reserves, because the cost of playing is higher then the money. All to often hope is built up, and when you lose you have a little less of it to give out.

There is something deeper then money about the lottery. Something to do with human nature. Every now and then we need to test our luck. There is no shame in it, done responsibly. Just like there is no shame in eating, done responsibly. Even done un-reponsibly the shame we feel is only on Earth. The Soul might be gaining something bigger by testing luck to the point of debt. I just don’t recommend choosing that path.

I used the picture already, but it really is the best for the post. Now I might enter a sweepstakes for traveling somewhere. Or maybe I can attempt to win a free iPhone (those are hard to find unless a new iPhone recently came out). I used to enter many sweepstakes, but now I go in waves. Every now and then I just feel like it is time to enter a sweepstakes. Then I forget to for six months until I feel like testing luck again.


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