Inspiring Buzzfeed post: 51 Seriously Badass Ladies…

I like how many quotes these Badass Ladies focus on imperfection. Its important to keep in mind that it possible to be imperfect, and great. In fact imperfection is a requirement of greatness, and luckily we all have it.

I think even in the Spirit World, there is little that is perfect. There is always room for growth, even in the most ethereal of beings. Things might get boring otherwise. Imagine that even after we discover the secrets of the Universe, we will still face the mystery of ourselfs.

Science might one day be able to define and explain every thought process, but I doubt these will really help us understand the thought.

You, and me. Plus all those cars that drive past you everyday. Each car is filled with at least one other person. They are divided from our sight by wall of steel, but they might end up being more difficult to understand then every other question science faces. They are right there next to you, but who are they?

Isn’t it beautiful to walk through the airport and be crowded by more individuality then you would care for? I still remember Dolores Cannon talking about Spiritless people. I thought how horrible it is to conclude that a majority of these people in the airport are just like robots. (Guess she calls them Back-Drop People, here is a link that will explain from her words.). She didn’t say robots, but that is my quick way of explaining what she means by Spiritless. Yet, it isn’t just horrible, it takes away a great deal of the awe of life.

Really, have you had time to wonder about how each of these people have full lives? Lives as complex and meaningful as yours? I have trouble envisioning the billions of people on the planet, but just the number of people in a crowded fair is enough to feel awe. One person alone can awe you. The whole planet is mind numbing, if you realize how important each life is. Looking at numbers is so impersonal because a number, no matter how big, is meaningless unless it represents something.

When it comes to people, we are not even capable of understanding 1 of them at once. The 1 person you have the closest possibility of understanding is the one whose eyes you are looking through, and whose emotions you are feeling. Do you understand yourself?

So for this reason, I have trouble accepting Dolores Cannon. It is fascinating what she does by putting people into deeper hypnosis then normal, and asking them the Big questions. Yet, I can not see how it could come to this result? I prefer to live in a world where each person is amazing, and not just a few enlightened ones.

I also do not like how Dolores, and some other Lightworkers think that the world will divide between these who are welling to shift to higher dimension, and those who are not. What kind of higher dimensional being leaves his brother/sister to suffer? We have suffered together all of human history, I suspect we all will face any world changes together. And ultimately find Utopia together.

The world is changing already, and great changes will continue in the future. Do not assume you do not need to take action to save the world, because it will shift in two. Do not be overcome with the stress of the moment either, but do what you can to help. We are in this together.

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