Thoughts over tea

I am feeling better today, less like something is wrong. I had a dream in which I was diagnosed autistic, but was told I was too old to be helped. My mind was already set in its ways. It was too late.

I also had a dream in which it was important to drink chocolate. It was like a medicine for dealing with other worldly things.

So I remember my dreams this time. This isn’t always the case.

I stayed up late on YouTube again last night. I was watching Real Got7, so I wasn’t really acting my age. I like Got7 because they don’t act like Idols yet. I know they will in the future, but for now they seem more authentic then most Idols.

I am a kpop fan, but recognize that the image an Idol shows the world often doesn’t reflect the person inside. There are rare cases when true personality shows through.

It can be frustrating to love k-pop, but know that the Idols are suffering from exhaustion, and have little time for life. Yet, they smile and sing anyway. They also are underpaid half the time.

Fans should boycott for better treatment if Idols by entertainment companies. Yet, fans are often unaware of the suffering.

The suffering of K-pop Idols is far greater then that of the US’s Stars. Stars suffer a little too, and this is often overlooked. Yet, they seem to have more free time and lots more money.

Really, mistreatment is to the point that I am happy Kris left Exo. I miss him, but know he will be happier. Isn’t that what fan should do? I’d feel the same for any Idol.

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