Posting from phone

If there are any errors, I am sorry, but I make more mistakes on my phone.

I did a Doreen Virtue guided mediation last night. I let the angels know my worries, and they promised to support me. They reinstated the importance of following my own path.

It is in your passions that you find your calling. The angels want me to write everyday, even if I do not feel inspired. Yet, not to limit myself to New Age topics.

I asked if I should start a new blog without a New Age theme? I was told that the progression on this blog is important. Just to let themes change without moving.

I realize that I might lose readers by doing this, but I am trying to express myself. I realize some of my posts are potentially losing readers, but maybe they will help someone.

My most recent childhood memories post was one of these. Yet, if I try to write everyday, there might be more. I will likely be unable to establish a theme.

When I do go back to school, my angels want it to be more for my spiritual progression then a job.

My therapist wants me to come up with a possible job by Wednesday. I thought I’d think big and become a Professor of New Age Topics. I am curious what she will say to this.

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