Deep in thought

I have been deep in thought today. I feel something is wrong, like I made a mistake, but I cannot tell what it was. It could have been so many things.

I saw my therapist today, and I gave my childhood memories to them. I doubt that they were thinking of the possibility that I was just an Indigo Child, or psychic in some way. I now know that, according to the textbook, I might have suffered from two disorders.

My therapist explained, again, that according to the textbook I can not be Bipolar and Schizoaffective. That the Bipolar symptoms where linked to my Thyroid. She knows from experience working in the area that the hospital I went to in my mania does not check for Thyroid problems during a mania. The problems weren’t discovered until recently because there are three types of Thyroid tests, and Doctors often do not order all three.

After reading my memories, my therapist concluded that not only am I quite possibly on the Autistic spectrum, but I also have suffered the disjointed thinking of Schizoaffective disorder for a long time.

When I asked about get diagnosed with Aspergers, she said that I would need to see either one of two kind of professionals (I do not remember which she said.) She also said that insurance would not cover the diagnosis. 😦

She gave me a questionnaire for me to fill out, that would better place where I am on the Autistic spectrum.

We also talked about other things, like employment. Currently, she recommends that I get a second part time job connected to something I am interested in.

Have a wonderful day,

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    • I am hoping that someday, people with my thought processes will be aided instead of oppressed because I do not hear voices, my thoughts are just not average. Yet, unless someone teaches me how, I do not function very well without medication. It is important for me to be of this world, and not just in my own world, so I can write for others to read.

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