Solo Day by B1A4

Hello World,

As you might know, I am a K-pop fan. I will often resist listening to a new band for a while. Even with bands that have been around years, I just don’t bother to give them a chance. Then suddenly, I find myself running out of music videos to watch. So yesterday, after ignoring them for who knows how long, I listened to B1A4’s Solo Day.

To me a music video is a very important part of a song, and am often disappointed by SM Entertainment’s videos. At first I didn’t mind the constant box set videos, because the dancing. Yet, SM Entertainment often gives the feeling that you are watching the exact same video despite it being a new song by a different band.

It is not the same with the other music companies in Korea, however. By creating the same video over and over, SM Entertainment is leaving lots of room for other companies to steal fans. I’d say that the music video for Solo Day, is a fan stealing video. Plus, that isn’t even mentioning the smoothness of the song. The song fits with the band’s voices perfectly.

In part, I understand why SM Entertainment makes the same video. In Korea it is very easy to get your music video banned from public television. Really Super Junior (SM Entertainment) was banned for throwing papers in the air on a office box set. The organization that banned them (forget exact title) said it was because it was encouraging disorderly conduct. So in Korea it is easy for a more creative video to be banned from the air. You can minimize this risk by making the same video. Over, and Over, and Over.


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