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It was a good day overall with good food and swimming in our apartment’s pool. Next year we will be moving to another apartment. My sister has been wanting to move a long time, but because we have a good deal here, we are staying one more year.

I slept in a lot today, so the day seemed to go very fast. I also have been making a point to enjoy cherry season. This is the one time of year that I buy cherries so I have been eating lots. My Mother loves Cherries, but hasn’t gotten the chance to go to the store to buy any. My Dad has been doing the grocery shopping at home.

My diet is continuing to make slow progress. There are some weeks that I do not lose weight, however, and that can be frustrating. I lost almost 2 pounds last week. The plan with this diet was to take things slowly, and just continue it for at least a year. At times it is easy, but it would be easier if I consistently lost weight each week.

I know that I should be thinking of this as a lifestyle change, and not a diet. I think that after a year it will naturally become a lifestyle change. I will never eat as irresponsibly again, I believe. I am learning a great deal about what a person needs to survive everyday. Its a lot less then I thought.

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