It is quiet enough at the library to afford a little writing. I do not know for how long I will be writing everyday, and might not post what I write.

I picked up a Dreamcatcher last week. A new store opened up in town with crafts made completely by Native Americans. They had good prices on Dreamcatchers, when compared to the New Age store in town. So I picked up a medium sized one, and hung it over my bed. When I moved into the apartment, the last tenant had left a hook in the perfect location for a Dreamcatcher.

I have had many dreams since then. While some put me in situations that could have turned it into a nightmare, I did not get scared. It appears that this Dreamcatcher increases the amount of dreams I have. Continuous fascinating dreams.

I have also started waking up at around Sunrise. Usually I try to go back to sleep, but it can take time. If this effect continues, I could use it to my advantage, however. (Waking up before an annoying alarm goes off.)

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