Got7 and writing

I watched k-pop music videos late into the night, last night. I suddenly felt inspired to imagine stories, and the videos were also aiding in the imagination. (I hadn’t done that combination for years.) Got7’s ‘A,’ made me think about a humanoid species I created for my imaginings. They came before humans, and share many similarities to Angels (but they are not divine). They love to sing and dance… and do anything artistic. So of course k-pop videos sometimes remind me of them. (They love to sing and dance.)

Why, Got7’s ‘A?’ Due to history females are rare in this species. The reaction of Got7 to seeing ‘A,’ is how young males might react to running into a female. They’d try to win her over by song and dance… yes I am weird. They’d also sing in dance as a group because showing strong friendships is important to this highly social creature. They are so social that they even evolved a way of talking while chewing food. (They have to eat a lot because they use high energy.)

I have always wanted to share my imaginings, but do not feel they translate into words. I do not feel I can do justice to the story. Writing was never my talent, and I am afraid what interests me in imagination will make a boring story. There are interesting parts, but no stable storyline. I wonder how can I make something so interesting to me, interesting to other people?

When I try to write a story this main story, which I have been imagining for years, is to big of a task to handle. I try to make up another story, and save this one until I am more skilled. I am not a bad writer, but Fiction doesn’t come naturally to me. Imagining is natural, but forming it into Fiction is difficult.

This kind of writing is what comes naturally. I’ve had much more practice writing my thoughts then imaginings. Yet, somehow, it feels like I am supposed to write my story, even if it is no good. I just want it to be very good. I want it to have the same feeling being read as it does to imagine.

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