Spirited Humans


Over at AngelicView there is a long article about Spiritless Humans. I will admit that I did not read it all yet, but what I did read was thought provoking. For a long time I have been confused about the Souls of sociopaths, and the more extreme antisocial disorders. This article claims that such people have a Soul, but no Spirit.

I disagree. To me there are two possible explanations for sociopaths.

One evolved from the article. Sociopaths have a Spirit that has not evolved or caught a disease. Perhaps they had such a horrible past life that their Soul is still suffering.

The second explanation is that the brain is not as connected to the Soul as other people. They have a Soul, but it has no power over the sociopath. The sociopath doesn’t feel their own Soul, and acts out against those who can. They don’t know it, but they are suffering because of this disconnection. That others don’t suffer this way makes them angry.

As someone who has suffered from a brain illness, which twisted my thoughts, I am inclined to say that the problem is in the brain, and not Soul… or Spirit.



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