You are completely Safe in this Universe

color_lines2When we sign up for life on Earth, we sign up for the possibility of hurt. It is more important to us to create a reality together then to avoid what to us seems like Danger. Yet, in actuality our Soul is eternal. It is ever Healing of the wounds of have acquired in life. It is confident, it knows it is safe.

Consider yourself as a Soul watching a Movie, or playing in a play. At first the Soul would remember it was in a Movie, but forgetfulness enables one to fully take on the role.

Even with the Dark Forces and Bad Guys, nothing can really harm your Soul. Your Soul is Safe whether it is in a Lion’s Den, or Battle Ground. So as the Cabal seems to be controlling the power, know that this is false. You have handed the Evil Villain Cape to them, and said lets play. The game is ever more intense because you have forgotten this.

As Souls you stood together and decided who got to experience being bad, and who good. You designed Characters with Strengths and Weakness that were statistically designed to enhance the Storyline.

I am vaguely envisioning the Design a Sim feature in the game the Sims. The new editions of the game let you pick Strengths and Weaknesses. Likes and Dislikes. Imagine your Soul designing you. Parts of you are the essence of your Soul, but parts are additions to make the Story interesting. The secret is to discover more of the essence, and less of the programming.

The Soul is able to create more then one Character with this essence. As the essence is so big, it can spread over many Sims throughout History and Geography. Only this game isn’t quite like the Sims in the Controlling factor. This is a game based on pre-planning strategy. The Sims are largely to make their own decisions once you hit play. For the Soul knows all the right moves to make. It offers Guidance at this point. Appearing through Channeled Messages sometimes, or Divine Guidance.

It is hardly a Noob. There are classes in the Spirit Realm on this game.

The Secret you don’t know, is that even your Soul was Originally designed, by the Source, God, Universe… whatever you want to call it. Hand built with Strengths and Weakness. Personality and Tendencies. Even in Timelessness it has a Sense of Growth. It started out having never lived. Yet, now it is Wise.

So sit back and watch the show. There will be Heroes, and Villains. Yet, know that we are entering a new phase of the story. Far to long have we learned only from pain. Have you forgotten that Children also are able to learn from Joy. Far to long have we focused on the Comic Book style Story. We are entering the Happily Ever After, but unlike the books that never write out this time, we enjoy stories about a vacation.

I greatly doubt if the Happily will be Ever After. We have been going through this cycle so many times. Just know that you play this game over and over, because you enjoy it. Being connected to the Source, you were always Ascended. You just pretend that you are not, so you can experience every step of the Ascension process. You already know, but you like the experience of learning. So you forget to learn again.

Even if you are having a horrible time, on a Soul level, you have enjoyed every minute. It was like sitting through the bad parts of a Movie to get to the good.

Yet, there is a larger game at play. Just as you Ascend, your Soul is remembering and Ascending on a different level. When your life ends you return to the Knowledge of the Soul. Once the Soul reaches a certain level of experience it remembers it is the Source playing the same kind of game.

Yet, what if the Source too, is remembering something.

I use these terms as a metaphor. For life really isn’t a game, we just can better understand aspects of it by thinking of it this way. Perhaps it can ring a bell that we are supposed to enjoy Life. This story and everything in it. This play you are acting/playing in.

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