My reaction to Bashar Channeling: The Future of the Past


I gave in a picked out a Channeling to invest in. The Future of the Past.

Bashar describes how fluid time is by talking about JFK.

I am listening right now, but a thought entered my mind.
If time is this fluid perhaps we have all won the lottery. Yet, time and time again, in the long run, we preferred not winning. What if each time we enter we win, and history plays out that reality of the winning ticket only to discover we would be happier if we didn’t win at that moment.

They say bad things happen to lottery winners, where they end up in bigger debt, where they lose privacy, etc.
💡 So each time you have entered you have won, but in the end preferred the facing the disappointment of another loss over the upturning of your life.

So each time you enter, it is best to accept that you will only win, if it is the best case scenario.

The same goes with Disclosure, it has likely happened endless times but has never happened with the best case scenario. I wonder how David Wilcock would react to the idea that Full Disclosure too soon, is like winning the lottery too soon. It is a powerful life catalyzing event, the lottery affects one person while Disclosure is a win for all.

Matt Kahn says that all the things you dream of will come to you when you are ready. It might be lifetimes away, but once you have grown to the point that winning the lottery (metaphorically speaking as Abundance can come in many ways) actually enhances your life, it will happen.

As for David Wilcock, he would perhaps do better to prepare society for handling the effects of Full Disclosure by helping them spiritually grow stronger than by focusing on the Cabal. If he wants Full Disclosure his focus should be on creating the society that could benefit from it.

Perhaps I already had a Full Disclosure timeline, perhaps I have played out the history of every dream fully, only to say, “It would be a better wine if it matured longer.” The same with David Wilcock, who knows how many endless Full Disclosures he has lived through.

Yet, the secret we failed to grasp, was that it wasn’t an evil Cabel holding back Disclosure. It was our own willingness to let our society Mature Longer before being opened to the Universal Society.

Yes, all the technology (and more) that Corey Goode spoke of a wait. Free Energy, Food Printers, Replicators, Healing Technologies, RV’s, etc. Yet, in the end, life just wasn’t the same once everything was so easy. So like deciding not to win the lottery just yet, we placed them away.

If you want these things in the future, the best thing to do is to Mature the Wine of Society. The best place to focus on is the Man(/Woman) in the Mirror. Once you can have everything you desire and still live as full and productive of a life, these things will come to you.

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