Different cultures comfort the soul? Plus, talk about Hunter-gather lifetime memories.

Hello Fellow Netizens,

I just read about the concept that, if you are drawn to a certain culture, then you likely lived in that culture before. In this case, I certainly spent time in Japan and Korea in my past lives. Both these places are different then they would have been in my past life, but the soul is curious about these differences. Perhaps, to the soul, it is like you hearing news about your hometown (if you moved away).

Based on my past life regressions, I knew how to write in one of these two cultures. In my regression, I was trying to remember one word from another language. I could feel the brush moving across the paper, but I had no idea what I was writing.

I am an old soul. I am also a Blue Indigo. Yet, unlike people who feel like they were in outer space in past lives, I feel very rooted to the Earth. I think about life in hunter-gather societies, and when people first started cultivating plants. I can visualize that lifestyle so much that I think I lived it once.

Contrary to what people say, it was a good life. It was hard work on the body so life was shorter, but there was lots of free time. This time wasn’t spent in front of a computer, but raising children. Just enjoying their company and teaching them. The extra good thing is that your parents also had lots of time to spend raising you. When caring for plants it was common to sing. Songs you heard your parents sing, and others you made up. The children would be around you as you gardened, and they would sing too.

Have a good day,


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