Never forget you are an eternal soul

As we age, we might begin looking back at our lives to ask, “Did I live enough?” I can picture myself doing this as my body ages, and I become unable to do everything I can now. I have talked about wasting my life in my last two posts, but this is short sighted.

I have an old soul, who has entered in and out of life on Earth many times. I will continue to live different lives here on Earth as long as I am allowed to. So I have been a child, adult, and elderly before. I will be all of these things again, and very likely you will too.

So perhaps as I age, instead of regret, I should be proud. Maybe this slow pace, which disability forces me to take, is exactly what my soul needs. I should not compare my life to others, because each life is tailor made to the individual. Perhaps, I am doing the best I can do. 

If I can remember this when I am older, I think I will spare myself unnecessary suffering.

It is a little difficult, but thinking from the viewpoint of multiple lives, just might help you too. Realize that you need no checklist of things to do in your life. If you miss something, you can always return. 

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