Loving All the Aspects of the Self


The New Moon was last night, and also too I had to work the next day. I likely would have been up late in the energy of the New Moon, if reSponse-ible me didn’t place the breaks on and go to bed at a time when I could get enough sleep.

However, having slept late that day, sleep did not arrive right away. So I took the time to send Love to any aspect of myself that arose. I also held a safe space of Love for any emotional aspect of myself that wanted to be felt.

So the energy last night was of the Healing sort, where I kept on asking, “Is there another aspect of myself that wants to step forward.” Till,  the Aspects that stepped forward were not directly of the Self. Yet, a challenge of sorts. Aspects that stepped forward and asked, “I am the aspect of self that tortured newborn babies in ritual sacrifice, do you offer me Love?”

To which I responded, “This is not within my range of memory. I do not have to understand the positive side of this aspect of self to hold a space of Love. I send you a Healing Love, and a chance to transform. You can transform your past as much as your future. I also hold a space of Love for the Newborn baby.”

So the aspect of self that had done experiments on human genetics secretly transforming lab subjects genes (including beings created from my own DNA) to be defective for purposes of study stepped forward, and asked if I Loved them. To which I was like, “I do not know if this ever even happened. We are certainly getting outsides of the immediate Self and into the Self which is other. Yet, I also send you a healing Love and offer you a chance to stop doing these practices of which you are certainly not proud. Forgiveness and Love and be offered without approval of the actions.”

This was not the end of the process, but at some point I fell asleep.

I finally did the shadow work, that is recommend in the Dark Side of the Light Chasers, but I did it by simply offering Love instead of having to come up with Logical reasons why each Aspect was Positive.

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