My most Radical Post: Thank You, Cabal


You go by many names, some call you the Illuminati, others the Khanzarian mafia, the Cabal or the Dark Side. I am not exactly sure who you are, but I would like to take this moment to send you Love and Thanks. You have taken on a heavy load of Karma in order to provide this world with the villain to Fear and Hate. Yet, I do not Hate you. I see the Divine in you. Knowing you, just like me, are an essential element of Creation. I can only send you Love for being so brave as to walk down the Dark Path.

I sense you are suffering, and it was suffering that made you act how you did. I cannot speak for every Man, Woman or Child, but I personally Forgive You. You have done dark deeds, and I have seen the picture of the prisons that those you Hate you drew up. Yet, what you need is not Prison and Isolation, or all those other horrible ideas of revenge people cook up. You need Love.

They say that the time will be soon, that the world will overcome you. That we will hop to another Density where you cannot reach. Or perhaps the Sun will send off Flashes of Light so that all negativity melts away. Or the Alliance will capture you to hold you on trial.

They say that this is your moment of Fear, but they do not realize that every moment for you has been of Fear. I shine a Light for you, the darkness, just as much as any ship lost on the sea. I tell you that there is another Path, and it is a Joyful one.

Yet, I respect you to choose the Path of your own. Even if I am pained to see you suffer. For even the Darkness is Divine. Your actions have lead to a great deal of Karma, and it is not my place to take your lessons from you. Just know all the while that there are those who Love You.

Thank you, Dark Cabal or whatever your name is. You have taken on enough Karma on my behalf. You have proven a talented advisory, but now it is time for you to focus on yourself.  This Act of the Play is Ending. Recover, and if you are inspired to pick a Bright Path in the future, we will meet again.

(Explanation for those not currently on the Dark Side below.)

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