Dear Ego

Dear Ego,

I am not 100% sure what you are but I am going to take my lack of understanding and talk about you to all my spiritual seekers, who have also had the Ego described to them in so many varying ways that they largely just get confused by the term.

I shall repeatedly talk about you as the root of all wrongness even to those who do not really spend much time thinking about the Ego so that their Ego might be felt within them in the form of annoyance.

Furthermore, I shall disguise myself as your friend calling you the inner child or a lost baby bear only to repetitively talk about you behind your back.


Spiritual Teacher

Alright, all kidding set aside, I don’t spend much time thinking about the Ego. I like to listen to spiritual teachers in my free time. All too often spiritual teachers, who have previously seemed to understand the whole annoyance with the repetitiveness of making the Ego the Devil, decide to use this outdated concept. At which point, my comprehension goes to 10% and my frustration goes to 500%.

You might think that the term the Ego isn’t outdated, but I say if you replace the word ‘Ego’ with ‘Devil’ the sentences have about the same meaning. The New Age isn’t really very new at all. They just took a few very old spiritual terms and replaced them with new words. The word God is replaced with Source, Universe, All that Is, etc. It isn’t so much new ground we are breaking as very old ground that we redefended as new by changing the labels. Another example is the concept of ‘The Event’ which seems very much akin to ‘The Rapture.’

There are indeed key differences between the old spiritual makeup and the New Age one on the level of open-mindedness, but this too varies from one individual to another.

Matt Kahn, I enjoyed most of your last book, excluding the parts where you talked about Ego. You seemed like a comrade years ago in your annoyance with the use of the word Ego. Now you throw it around seeming unknowing that there are those in the audience who are confused because this term is virtually meaningless. So meaningless that you could also replace it with the term ‘rubber ducky’ and it would make just as much sense to me.

Just so you know, everytime a spiritual teacher uses the term, Ego. I seriously consider joining the technological accession path as I pull out my phone to play games while the insulting of rubber duckies continues.


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