A keyboard! A keyboard! A keyboard!

I have finally invested in a keyboard for my iPad, while I am unconvinced of the steadiness of the design of the Smart Keyboard the ability to connect directly to the iPad so as not to require charging made it win the competition for my money. So it has arrived! Only I didn’t have long to bask in the glory before I had to head out to get food before work.

The food was good at a place called Big Salad and I stopped by Starbucks afterwords planning on stocking up on sweets to go along with the cookies I picked up at Big Salad. In anticipation of spending a good amount on pastries I added $10 to my Starbucks card. However when I arrived at the coffee shop the selection was picked over and nothing remaining looked good. This is what happens to a majority of my ambitions to get pastries at Starbucks, for often even with a nearly full case, the only thing missing is the thing I want.

I did enjoy a Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino which apparently is the St. Patrick’s Day Drink, which just reminds me of the limited time I have left to get a Shamrock Shake. Even given that I might forget to wear green myself on St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t drink alcohol, yet it might be fun to celebrate as I am nearly 50% Irish.

Well that is according to my brother’s DNA results. Mine might be a bit different.

Here is to celebrating the little things from the small shamrock to the colorful rainbow. Perhaps I need to be doing a little more rainbow chasing, or in the words of Darryl Anka, “Follow you highest excitement to the best of your ability without any insistence on the outcome.” For perhaps chasing rainbows is less about the pot of gold and more about the race of excitement.

So what rainbow could I be chasing? Right now I am chasing the rainbow of expression. Building up my skills in the form of writing. I need to greatly work on the ‘no insistence on the outcome.’

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