Equal Artists

When I used to write on more spiritual subjects I would often get worried about being seen as the guru. In a Victor Hugo youtube video on the New Moon not long ago, he stated that those who find their way to this video are the new spiritual leaders of the new paradigm.

I no more want to be a spiritual leader than a guru and see little difference between the two. I want to be an artist who meets other as their equal and not with the superiority complex that is attached with being the ‘leader.’

I have no need to convince you to follow my path. My path is for me. If you find something of value in my writing, please enjoy it.

I am the artist who’s strives to create the masterpiece, but instead of painting on canvas I cultivate the fruit of my soul. I have many unconventional beliefs that lead me to practice my art outside of the confines of any religion. I have come to respect other opinions and religions.

All to often, when I try to advise another in spiritual matters, I need to pull my hand back from being bitten. It is rightfully so that I should learn to not interfere with another’s path. I need no followers to be strong. So I have started a process of recording my thoughts for art’s sake.

I seek to make art, not only visually, but also verbally. I want to start a new chapter where I no longer write for others, but to write for myself. I have no need to sway you to my path. I am already powerful on my own.

I need not… no I must not take on the guru’s role. If you see a guru in me, that is for you to see, but that is not me. I am the artist, who needs not the validation of others to continue to create art, because the need to create art is so innate that I is almost a requirement of my soul.

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