After the Easter Vigil

The blogs I follow have a lack of Easter posts at the moment, but those might show up later in the day. Yesterday I went to a three hour long Easter Vigil where those who were joining the Catholic Church finally got baptized/confirmed. Outside of the church I could hear cheers on the street during the beginning. While some of the cheers sounded happy through the walls, otherwise I would have concluded it was a riot of zombies. Or the screams of those in hell.

I do not believe that hell is forever. I might also have said that I do not believe in hell because that God is Love, but I have read many Near Death Experiences where some people do start out in or briefly visit a hellish realm. From my basic understanding it is those who choose to be in hell that are in it and the moment they ask for help to get out, angels will save them. So the existence of hell is due to the free will choice of individuals to choose to be there. Even with God being Love he is so unconditionally loving that he casts no judgment if a being decides to suffer.

Oh, there I go using the term ‘he’ for God due to the conventionality to do such. I do believe that the prophet Mohammad was very wise in deciding to switch from referring to God as simply ‘he’ and would also refer to God as ‘she,’ and ‘it.’ For God is without gender. Now I am not studied on Islam, but agree wholeheartedly with that choice.

So there I was yesterday, in Church, reflecting on my relationship with organized religion. As is true of many, I went through a phase where I outright rejected organized religion. To me my relationship with the Catholic Church has a lot to do with my relationship to my family. As a quiet ‘black sheep’ who tended not to rebel in youth, I sometimes wonder if every person in the family was also a ‘black sheep’ to society. I wonder if the majority of people feel that they are the ‘black sheep’ in the family.

So the saying, ‘I was the black sheep in the family,’ is a problematic one. It implies that everyone else is conformist when that often is not the case. Think about it, in a family of black sheep wouldn’t the black sheep of the family be the white sheep? Based on my own observations we live in a world of black sheep who think they are one of the rare black sheep. We leave home thinking we are a rare black sheep and find other people who are similar to us where we form groups talking about how everyone else is a white sheep.

Certain groups will use the term ‘woke’ or ‘enlightened’ while everyone else is asleep. I will literally see seemingly opposing groups give the same reasons they are awake while everyone else is sleep. It begins to seem that being awakened is not actually waking up, but appearing to cohere to the reasons one group gives to be ‘woke’ while believing those who disagree with them are ‘asleep.’

Perhaps we have this group of people who consider themselves black sheep in their family due to rejecting the family religion. This is often an organized religion. So they seek unconventional religions (or sometimes another organized religion) and use the beliefs they build up to wage a gape between them and their family.

So I was pondering the journey of those who had decided to join the Catholic Church yesterday. Some of which had been baptized into other Christian religions. I was pondering the journey a person takes to leave one religion and join another. Granted, I can only imagine what it is like to join the Catholic Church from another religion with each journey being unique.

Each individual is unique. The only person with that frequency in all of existence. Yet, often we use our individuality to drive wages between ourselves and others. We label whole groups of people as the ‘other’ ‘uninformed.’ So much division is going on that it is not hard imagining the groups of people getting on trains together to form their own reality. At this point and for a long time now, each group lives in its own reality unaware that the other groups are talking about the same issues.

The name of a religion is the name of a reality. For a while communication between realities opened up, but are the channels to these parallel realities closing up? The channel between realities opens when the heart of one person in each reality opens to the other. The heart opens by recognizing our common humanity.

The one with an open heart is known as an empath. There you have it, the empath has the ability to open a channel from one parallel reality to the next. For beneath the level of reality of the group is the level of reality of the individual.

If an individual is unable to empath and relate with the group around them they remain isolated. Feeling like the ‘black sheep.’ When they start seeing similarities in other people, due to shared experiences or values, they feel safe to open their heart and form the grid of the group. Yet when they see dissimilarity (actual or imagined) they close their heart to those people and call them ‘other.’

The group gets together and says, ‘They do not understand us. They must be asleep. That one understands us. They must have woken up.’ And we have these group realities going through the world. These grids of reality within which you can use the belief system of the group to understand the world. Yet, the one with an open mind and an open heart can be used to bridge one reality with another.

This is where I start to wonder what I am trying to say. I am trying to explain what I am seeing in the world at large. I just wonder, if the realities of the different groups will once again become so dissimilar that the groups feel the only answer is to impose dominance onto the other group? This is something that often leads to war. The funny thing is that the differences perceived between the different groups are often at surface level with each group largely desiring the same thing.

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