Playing with Fate

As someone who has listened to many spiritual teachers, I realize that there is some disagreement about the concept of how much control we have over our fate or destiny. Lately, I have been attempting to attract more wealth to myself by listening to subliminal messages like this one.

So far unexpected money has been coming my way… usually in the form of more hours at work. Yet, what I am really interested in is passive income. I have have been attempting to earn income from my creative work for years. Having the dream of being a blogger as a child, I attempted to turn writing blog posts into money. Also as a digital artist, I have tried to set up ways to earn money from my digital art from on print on demand site. The price of my artwork has fluctuated based on my current feeling on the Law of Attraction.

I have stopped playing with the prices and decided to try to pinpoint why after years of blogging and talent in art I am not earning passive income. I have even stopped using tags on posts (most of the time.) I am trusting that the universe will bring views to my blog better than any search engine. I have talent as a writer and artist in enough quantity and quality that the universe will provide me with the outlet to earn money doing these things.

I don’t want to play by the rules. This comes down to not wearing make-up. I know I could play by the rules of tagging everything and creating images for each post. I know I could put on make-up write up a script and create Youtube videos.

I can do it! I can make passive income. I have a unique voice (in my writing in speaking.) I have my own perspective on reality. We can do it!

Categories: Beginnings

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