The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do #FoodFight

While all this, ‘standing up to your food,’ is nice. A great portion of Americans cannot afford anything other then the cheap poison being offered. All these people advertising eating alternatively, seem to be speaking to the elite, and not to people like me. It feels like Marie Antoinette is getting up and telling me to eat cake, when I cannot afford bread.

If you want to make America healthy, getting up and telling them to pay for food they cannot afford, is not the right answer. Only the rich can join your revolution. Stop picking on me for being poor, and telling me to act rich. If you revolution included providing Americans with enough money to buy organic, lowering the price of organic food, or creating laws that in effect did one of these, then you would have my respect. Otherwise, I’ll name you and your revolution, Marie Antoinette.



AngelicView: I remember a couple of years ago when we had the Occupy Movement, remember? People were marching in the streets in various cities around the U.S. Some of the groups were smaller and some larger. While some of us were cheering them on, I would say that probably most people mocked them.

They said, “Look at them! They can’t even decide on one thing that they’re marching for!”

I say, “There are so many damn things wrong with this country that they are marching for all of those things.”

Many people would respond, “If you don’t like the U.S., then move out. I’ll help you pack.”

I say, “Improving the conditions under which you and your children and grandchildren live is the most Patriotic thing you can do.”

When I put on my ‘Rose Colored Glasses’, I think, well, maybe things can change without people waking up…

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  1. Thanks PNF! No offense taken! I totally agree with you. Did you notice that she didn’t harp too much on eating organic? She mentioned it, but I think her point is more to the angle that she wants to see things changed. If things are banned elsewhere, why are we still being served the crap here?

    I am one of those “working poor”. Yes, I make good money. But I only work part time and I have a house and a kid and all kinds of bills. Prices are going up and benefits are going down. I’m totally with you.

    • Yes, she did a remarkably good job in comparison to must. I am just so tried of being told what to eat, that I reacted before completely watching the video. I think that a lot of the organic movement needs to learn what I had to say, but she in particular seems to understand. I am doing what little I can do to eat healthier. Yet, I am frustrated that I am being asked to do so much with no increase in resources on the way to cover them.

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