Writing and food

September has begun, I am a September Virgo so this month has always been dear to my heart. Its when summer fades out and fall is just beginning. Soon there will be plenty of apples, sweet potatoes and pumpkins foods to be cooked. Perhaps this fall I will take the challenge of making a pie from a pumpkin. I haven’t done that in years.

It was good weather today and I walked for a long time. Now the sun is down and I am resting. I stopped and let out a few deep breathes and long sighs after typing ‘resting.’ One of those moments when your are writing, and in the flow, when suddenly the words stop. I guess it was important for me to breathe a little at that point.

I walked 11 miles today, and did some basic yoga stretches because my muscles wanted stretching when I got home. I had lemon water and had leftovers of a vegan recipe I cooked. This recipe had lots of healthy ingredients, but I usually cook better tasting food when I am just making up the recipe as I go along.

Still a very healthy dish of tofu, beans, mushrooms, nutritional yeast, pepper, garlic, olive oil and spices. It isn’t actually filling in that it fills up the stomach, but isn’t very high in calories. It will fill the belly to the point you cannot eat more, but a half hour later you will be hungry again.

I also ate a good amount of lemon bars, that I cooked yesterday. So overall my body feels like the long walk released toxins from the cells and the lemon is clearing it away. A detox walk, is there such a thing? I know that after a massage they say to drink a lot of water because the toxins that get released due to relaxation.

Interestingly enough after walking 11 miles my legs are not what got tired. I guess my purse was a little too heavy because the muscles in my back are in ‘lets sit down and rest mode.’ They are not sore, but wanting to relax. The first place I walked to was a local coffee shop. They sell a drink in a glass bottle that you can take home. So I have lemon ginger herbal tea in my fridge that I carried in my purse for most of the walk.

I should start getting ready for bed soon. My mind is not tired, however, just my back. I drank a lot of lemon water, but am still thirsty. Here I stop to wonder exactly how entertaining this post will be to a reader. You see my body is talking right now telling me, ‘more lemon water’ and ‘don’t get up just yet to go get the lemon water, rest a little longer.’

It is interesting writing when your body has more to say than the mind. I am in more of a feeling state than a talking state. I can feel that my body likes that vegan food, that I don’t particularly enjoy the taste of. I’ve been eating lots of tofu lately. I have more tofu to cook up in the fridge. I am not vegan or even vegetarian, I just don’t eat meat often and cook it even less often.

I know and understand that plants are living things too, but as true as that is, I feel more in harmony when I am eating less meat. I have decided not to shun meat altogether. Nor do I look negatively even on those who choose the carnivore diet. It is just for me, when I eat meat, sometimes my heart feels sadness that I am eating meat. I first became a vegetarian in middle school and have been on and off vegetarian all my life.

I also do not feel complete harmony in rejecting all meat. It does not feel right to go to another person’s house and insist they cook a non-meat meal. On Thanksgiving I will eat the turkey. I even, sometimes, order meat for takeout. I am looking for a way of eating in which I feel happiness. Full out vegetarianism just doesn’t feel right for me, but eating lots of meat doesn’t feel right either.

So I am a reducetarian or flexitarian. Yet, not a very good one because I eat unagi sometimes which is apparently harder to source than beef. I really should get going to bed… I just looked at the clock again.

Reader, did you find this post at least a little bit entertaining? I cook food. I eat food. Not sure if I write about food related topics in an interesting way. If you had tried my lemon bars I think you would have liked them, but if I wrote about my lemon bars… perhaps that would not be all that fun.

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