Another Trip


Hello World,

First off I would like to note the Faerie Flowers. Also could be Angel Flowers… I am not sure what their real name is.

Anyway, I am going on another trip for a week. I seem to travel all the times, I know. Yet, honestly I don’t ever plan trips myself. They just arise. My parents, randomly decide to go on cruises when they see good deals. They like to bring people with them. It has been maybe 7 years since the last time I got to go on a cruise with them.

So tomorrow, I am flying to NYC. The cruise starts on Sunday, but my parents like to give plenty of time, should there be a delay, to get to the ship. Anyway, I am already packed. I am just now washing my water bottle in the dishwasher, so I can fill it with tea for tomorrow morning. I plan on going to bed extra early tonight as I need to get up a 5am.

I haven’t been feeling the call to write lately. Yet, as I often post at least once a week, and keep on eye on friend’s sites, I felt it important to announce my absence. I woke up extra early today in hopes that I could sleep early. I want to be all ready to attempt to sleep at 9pm… because that is 8 hours before 5am.

I woke up around 8am today, I could have been earlier, but it can be hard to motivate myself to wake up. I planned on starting the getting up earlier everyday trend throughout the week, but… not so lucky.

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