Megan Heimer ~ To the Parent of the Immunocompromised Child Who Thinks My Kid is a Threat

Thank you Laura for answering my question without me even asking it to you. I have been debating which side to follow with the vaccine issue. The problem is that if I was wrong, I’d be taking other peoples lives into my hands. With most questions it is just me that is effected. If I get cavities for non-floride toothpaste, well its my teeth.

I imagine a lot of riots if vaccines become mandatory in California. Lots of lawsuits against such a law, and lots of parents going to jail. This is not something that will go quietly into the night. It would force a lot of New Agers to make a stand. This might backfire on whoever is fueling the flames of the media coverage of the story. When we are forced to raise our voice more of us might remember we have a voice. It could inadvertently cause a greater awakening amongst these who are most awake.

Laura Bruno's Blog

This is one of the best, most informed articles I have yet read on the “measles outbreak.” I’ll post a teaser here, but please do click through to read the full article. Although not a doctor, Megan “graduated college at 19 with a degree in political science, law school at 22, [is] a certified yoga instructor and Natural Health Educator, and became a certified Naturopath after completing 4 years of training at two different institutions. [She is] also co-founder and President of a nonprofit organization, a writer, and stay-at-home mom. “[Her] hubs is a physician who holds a degree in biology, minor in chemistry, and assisted with research in biology and molecular genetics before attending medical school.”

She writes with full disclaimers, but offers important information, particularly given that Congress and the media are trying to use the “measles outbreak” to force vaccinate everyone. This would be a dangerous, totalitarian precedent to set…

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