withholdingI have drawn back a little bit from the Internet. My last name is not longer attached to this site, so that jobs do not find it. This way I don’t have to monitor myself. So think of my site progress as an expanding and contracting thing. Right now I have withdrawn many old posts.

Yes, I still have the dream of a successful site, but don’t want it to interfere with being able to follow my passion. I can just as easily follow my excitement if no one knows who I am. I think by now my Facebook Page, for the site, will have disappeared.

Searching my name, I must accept that there will always be a few connections to me and the New Age, or Spirituality, to find. Yet, finding this site connected to my name would take some intense internet searching.

So for now, I am applying to positions feel like following my excitement. I can get a job, and not worry about things I post online hurting my employment. So as a result, I can post more freely.

Those of you who know who I am, get an added benefit over new readers as they come along. You know who I am. I no longer have to post with worries of being Professional. This is an anonymous blog up until the point that it has to stop being that way (i.e. if it ever makes me money).

By pursuing employment, I do not need to worry making sure how I blog will be able to make money. I am free!

Life is like the broken road, in the “God Bless the Broken Road” song. Only it doesn’t just lead to Soul mates, but to the life of your dreams… which might look different then you imagine. I don’t normally listen to Country, but there are a few songs that cross the barrier to a non-country listener. (Now I just listen to K-pop. I will even out the post with a K-pop video.)

Just a moment…

That better I have officially established by K-pop-stan-ness. Don’t worry this one is in English.

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